The Grower

Will Bruce, a second generation vigneron, was born with wine in his veins and mud under his fingernails. 

Will and the vineyard grew up together. After leaving school he worked with Canberra winemakers and their vineyards and over time his desire to take over the family vineyard grew. His father Rob was happy to pass the pruning shears onto Will, and so since 2014 the Canberra Region has had its first Gen Y vigneron.

The combination of old vines, new blood and an enduring passion for growing premium cool climate grapes is producing exceptional Canberra wines. Will is keen to make his mark on the wine the vineyard produces. He knows how the vineyard reacts to storms, frosts, winds and dry spells and has learned how the season is reflected in the wine. He has grown up with the changing seasons and how to tame the vineyard and to coax the very best from the vines and by working closely with the winemakers is producing wines that are exceptional.

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